Arrested for Domestic Violence?

“Helpful, Knowledgeable, Caring & Dedicated”

Mr. Fulcher went above and beyond to help our family when we needed it most. He was compassionate yet realistic and went above and beyond to provide the advice and council that we needed to make the best decisions for our loved one. Without a doubt it was an excellent decision to retain his services.

– Client

Michael Fulcher

Michael Fulcher has handled hundreds of family violence cases through pre-trial diversion, plea negotiations and jury trials. These types of cases can have dramatic and long-term effects on the person charged – and their family. Some employers will not hire a person with a family violence conviction and the Division of Family & Children Services (DFACS) may conduct their own investigation after a report is filed.

You need an experienced domestic violence lawyer to talk to witnesses, obtain discovery and argue against the charges. Sometimes family violence charges can be reduced or even dismissed once your side of the story is explained.

Michael Fulcher Law, LLC handles family violence battery and other domestic violence charges in the following Georgia counties: Morgan, Greene, Walton, Newton, Jasper, Putnam, Baldwin, Oconee and Gwinnett.

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