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No matter how minor your car accident may seem, consulting with an experienced, skilled car accident lawyer in Morgan County, Georgia is essential when you are involved in a car accident. Car accidents are usually not what they seem at first glance. For most car accidents, it’s nearly impossible to judge the seriousness and cause of the accident. Even trained on-site observers like the police, EMTs, or other authorities, cannot be certain of what occurred. 

Damages or injuries may seem to be minimal, but vehicle and property damage may not be obvious and symptoms of serious, life-changing injuries may not appear until hours or days later. It’s tough to communicate what happened when your judgement may be impaired by a head injury. An attorney can help you evaluate your situation and protect you from additional burdens caused by inaccurate accident reports. 

Michael Fulcher Law can protect your rights and get you fair compensation for your injuries. We treat our clients with compassion, keep them up-to-date, listen to all their concerns, and fight to get them the best possible outcomes. 

Consult an experienced car accident lawyer in Morgan County, Georgia

Even if you think the damage is very minor and your injuries are not serious, you should take pictures and get medical help to document the accident. Many of the most critical injuries (brain injury, internal bleeding, etc.) may not be immediately apparent. After you have documented the accident scene and received initial medical treatment, contact Michael Fulcher Law and schedule a free consultation.

It’s upsetting enough to be involved in a car accident, but the mental stress and financial impacts associated with car accidents can be overwhelming. Besides worrying about injuries of anyone involved in the accident, after an accident, you’ll have to deal with insurance companies (who want someone else to pay) and Georgia comparative fault laws. That’s why it’s important to contact Michael Fulcher Law as soon as possible when you are involved in an accident. Getting a knowledgeable, experienced car accident lawyer involved in these early stages can save you money and help you to assess your situation.

Michael Fulcher Law helps people involved in car accident

You can count on Michael Fulcher Law for the skilled legal representation you need at the scene and after a car accident. Michael Fulcher worked in the Greene County District Attorney’s Office for eight years. As an assistant district attorney (ADA) for the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit, he handled thousands of DUI, speeding and other traffic citation cases in the Greene County Probate Court. 

As ADA, he worked with victims of traffic accidents to get them compensation for their losses. Before that, he was an assistant public defender in the Macon Judicial Circuit for two years. Michael Fulcher’s experience helps get the best outcomes for people involved in car accidents throughout central Georgia including Greensboro, Eatonton, Madison, Monroe, Crawfordville, and Monticello. 

Car wreck injuries are often life altering

Injuries from a car accident often have life-changing impacts such as paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, spinal damage, or even death. When you are involved in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you need skilled legal professionals to help you get the best settlement as quickly as possible.

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Car wrecks can cause expensive vehicle and property damage 

After an accident, it might look like the damage to the vehicles involved is minor, but that can be very deceiving. What might have cost hundreds of dollars to repair a few years ago can cost thousands of dollars to repair today. Most vehicles now have driver-assist warning systems, which means that even a small dent may require a replacement or recalibration of expensive electronics. 

Modern vehicles have cameras, radar systems, GPS receivers and an array of sensors. Even a small dent, if it’s in close proximity to a camera, can be very expensive to repair. Insurance companies are well aware of this and it can make them even more reluctant to payout on car wrecks. Sometimes, the insurance adjuster will just review the damage that can be easily seen and not include the impact to the electronic systems in the estimate. 

An experienced car wreck attorney can help you get a more realistic estimate and settlement that minimizes or eliminates any unforeseen out-of-pocket expenses.

Is it worth getting an accident lawyer?

The insurance companies are in business to make money or save money. Insurance adjusters and claims departments might be very nice, but they are not your friends. They work for large corporations that stay in business by paying out as little as possible. They would prefer that someone else’s insurance company pay the claim or that they pay as little as possible as quickly as possible. When they interview you, they may take your statements out of context, or you may inadvertently say something that they will use to claim you are responsible for the accident. They may characterize your injuries before you are even aware of the extent of your injuries.

 A knowledgeable Georgia attorney like Michael Fulcher can help you submit an appropriate claim and negotiate your insurance settlement by:

    • Investigating the facts of your accident to find all involved parties and assess fault or negligence. We interview witnesses in their homes, at work, in jail, or wherever they are. If they used a company vehicle, we will investigate the company, too. We thoroughly investigate to discover all the facts of your case.
    • Engaging accident reconstruction experts to determine the cause of the accident and build an-evidence based case. Georgia has comparative fault laws. That means that the insurance companies (or court) will determine which of the people involved in the accident caused the accident. Anyone found to be at fault for 50% or more of the accident cannot claim compensation from the other party’s insurance company. So, it’s important to accurately and correctly establish what happened and who should be assigned blame.
  • Consulting medical experts to determine the extent of injuries and associated expenses.
  • Filing claims and negotiating settlements to get appropriate compensation from all insurance companies of any parties involved in the accident. You can file claims for lost earnings, medical costs, transportation/rental cars, vehicle repair or replacement, wrongful death, pain and suffering, punitive and compensatory damages, and other property damage. Your attorney will also note and comply with any and all statutes of limitations and ensure that all your filings are accurate and on time.
  • Negotiating deferred payments until your case is settled to ease your financial burden. Some medical professionals will let you defer payment for treatments until your case is settled. An attorney can negotiate an agreement with the doctors to pay an amount upon settlement.

Engaging a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident will reduce your stress and help maximize your chances of getting the best possible settlement. Hiring a lawyer does not mean you are going to wind up in court. Engaging Michael Fulcher Law to work on your behalf helps streamline the process and protect your rights. As a former assistant district attorney, Michael Fulcher is well known and well-respected in Morgan County, Greene County, and throughout central Georgia. 

Today, in his private practice, his clients have confidence in his ability to gather all the facts, negotiate with insurance companies, and meet deadlines. They also appreciate how everyone at Michael Fulcher Law treats them with care and compassion. Michael Fulcher Law offers a free initial consultation. Our offices are conveniently and centrally located, And, if you are unable to come to us, we can come to the hospital or your home or office.

What are the penalties for a car accident in Georgia?

Georgia has a two-year deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit and a four-year deadline for filing most vehicular and/or property damage lawsuits for a car accident. Due to Georgia’s comparative fault laws, you may not be able to collect anything if your fault is found to be more than 50 percent. In 2010, the Georgia Supreme Court removed the limits on car accident damages which covers compensation for medical bills, vehicle repair, rental or replacement costs, loss of income, pain and suffering, and wrongful death. Punitive damages, however, can only be a maximum of $250,000.

In addition, if it was found that the accident was caused by violating “Georgia’s Rules of the Road”, the penalties can range from a fine to loss of license or years in prison. These “Rules of the Road” include, but are not limited to: 

You can find more details on these rules and their penalties in the Georgia Driver’s Manual.


Facing legal challenges, whether it’s a DUI, criminal charge, or navigating traffic-related offenses, requires a skilled advocate. Turn to Michael Fulcher Law for a blend of legal expertise and unwavering client service from a former Georgia prosecutor. Discover the optimal legal solution for your situation by calling our criminal defense law firm at (706) 438-1555 or reaching out online. Schedule your free consultation today and gain a clearer path forward.

Contact us for a free consultation with a Georgia car accident attorney 

Contact Michael Fulcher Law for a free consultation with a skilled car accident attorney. We have experience handling all types of accidents and know how to apply Georgia’s laws to help you get the best outcome and protect your rights. 

Whether it involves improper lane changes, roll-overs, impaired driving, parking lot, or multiple vehicles, we will help you deal with the unique circumstances of your car accident. We pay close attention to your needs and protect your rights. We are proud of our outstanding record of compassionate counsel, attention to detail, and client satisfaction. 

These accidents cause serious injuries including whiplash, sprain and strain injuries, fractures, internal injuries eye injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, post-concussive syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, wrongful death, and more. You need a law firm that will help you get the best possible settlement so you can deal with these life changing injuries and the lasting financial impacts that often come with a car accident,

Michael Fulcher Law has offices conveniently located in Morgan  County.  We serve clients throughout central Georgia, including: Madison, GA (Morgan County), Greensboro, GA (Greene County), Eatonton, GA (Putnam County), Monroe, GA, Crawfordville, GA (Taliaferro County), Covington, GA (Newton County) and Monticello, GA (Jasper County). If you are in a car accident, first get medical help and then (as soon as you are able) contact us for a free consultation.  Call us at (706) 438-1555.

Frequently asked questions

In any multiple-vehicle accident, it is usually difficult to determine who was responsible for causing the accident. Even when it seems straightforward, the real cause of the accident may not be immediately apparent, But, Georgia comparative fault laws (and subsequently, insurance companies) require that a there be a determination of fault. This does not necessarily mean that either driver must take complete responsibility for the accident – more often than not, the responsibility will be split among two or more parties involved in the accident. The responsibility assessed is proportional to how much at fault each party was. For example:

  • If your car was parked in front of your home, and someone smashed into it head on, it’s pretty clear that you were not at fault. But, in this case, maybe the steering failed as a result of a manufacturer’s defect. No fault would be attributed to you, and the other driver may be at fault – but it’s also possible that the majority of the fault could be attributed to the car manufacturer.

  • If you were driving 5 MPH above the speed limit when the accident occurred, all parties may be at fault, and a determination would need to be made concerning how much fault should be attributed to each party involved. Despite driving over the speed limit, you would probably not have to pay because anyone found to be at least 50 percent at fault cannot claim compensation under Georgia law.

In Georgia, insurance adjusters often lead the determination of fault for a car accident. A skilled car accident attorney can help ensure that the accident has been thoroughly investigated, and responsibility has been fairly assessed. You need someone to fight for your rights. Without a lawyer, you may be held responsible when someone else was more at fault.

It depends. Not every car accident claim requires a lawsuit. An experienced attorney can help you decide what makes sense in your particular case. Like most personal injury law firms, Michael Fulcher Law provides a free initial consultation, and can advise you on the best course of action to suit your circumstances.

In most cases, suing is not necessary. If no one was hurt, and both parties have insurance, chances are that the other driver’s insurance company will reimburse you for repairs that fall within the estimate from their insurance adjuster. But, if your claim is denied, the settlement is insufficient, or the insurance company won’t negotiate fairly, then you should consider legal action. Your compensation should account for any pain, and suffering from injuries, current, and future medical bills, loss of income, property damage, repair, and rental car costs, etc. Your attorney can help you determine if the settlement will address these costs, and ensure that the insurance company negotiates fairly.

In Georgia, you have up to two years to file a lawsuit for a car accident. Sometimes you can sue someone besides the driver, such as the driver’s employer or passenger if they knew the driver was impaired or acting recklessly.

If you were seriously injured in a car accident, there’s a good chance that your claim will be worth more if you sue or threaten to sue. Michael Fulcher Law can help you assess how much your injuries are worth, and whether or not it makes sense for you to go ahead with a lawsuit. Compensation may depend on how much evidence of fault can be gathered. Evidence includes:

  • Medical bills
  • Police reports
  • Witness reports
  • On-site photos, and videos

Good quality evidence helps maximize your compensation when you decide to sue after a car accident.

If you are involved in a car accident, it’s important to remember that you may not be thinking clearly. Even if you think you are okay, you are probably not really doing as well as you believe. Until you have talked to a lawyer, DO NOT admit any fault. DO NOT apologize for the accident. DO NOT offer to pay for any damage.

Here’s a list of things to do immediately following a car accident:

  1. Take a moment to assess your physical, and mental condition, and the condition of any of passengers. Can you walk, bend, or stretch? Does it hurt when you do so? Ask if anyone is injured or feels any pain.

  2. Call the police or 911. If the police or the 911 operator asks if you are in pain, tell them you are unsure. After an accident, you, and others involved in the accident may be in shock, and may not be able to accurately assess their condition. If you think you might be injured, seek medical attention and/or ask for an ambulance.

  3. Check for witnesses, and take photos, and videos of all vehicles, and the surrounding area.

  4. Have your license, and insurance ready for the police. Be polite, and answer questions from police, but only tell them what you are absolutely certain has happened. It is okay to tell them that you do not remember if you do not have a clear recollection.

  5. Report all injuries, and symptoms you know of to the police, and medical professionals at the scene of the accident so you get appropriate treatment. Go to the hospital, and get medical attention as soon as possible.

  6. Contact Michael Fulcher Law for a free consultation about your car accident.

After you have set an appointment for your legal consultation, you should gather information that will help you after the accident, and do the following:

  1. Follow your doctor’s instructions exactly. Be sure to fill any prescriptions, and make all your recommended follow-up appointments with medical professionals. Insurance companies will use gaps in treatment or lack of follow-up to minimize the extent of your injuries.

  2. Notify your insurance company that you were involved in an accident. Even if you are not filing a claim, someone else involved in the accident may file a claim. Do not admit fault. Your insurance company cannot raise your rates if someone else caused the accident. But, be sure to speak with a lawyer before you give a statement to your insurance company. Insurance adjusters often use initial statements against you in a claim.

  3. Track your pain, and any symptoms every day. Take pictures of your injuries, and create a diary of your progress (or lack of) every day.

  4. Get the police report. You may be able to use BuyCrash.com to get an accident report faster than going to the police station. If the state patrol was involved, for a small fee you can get copies of accident reports, incident reports, and citations through their open records website here – https://eports.gamccd.net/orportal

  5. Share the reports, and other evidence with your attorney. Michael Fulcher Law will let you know what your next step should be.


“Mr. Fulcher has been tremendously helpful with my case. Since hiring him he has consistently returned my calls as quickly as he can. We discussed an ideal outcome, and I set about doing exactly as he said. Following his advice we were able to get a very favorable outcome. He is always quick to answer any questions, and has stayed very engaged with me throughout this ordeal. Michael provides excellent counsel, and I would recommend him to anyone!”