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A prosecuting attorney learns certain specific skills, and much of their time is spent developing cases and taking them to trial. There is nothing more valuable than trial experience and an inside knowledge of how a prosecutor develops a case to pursue a conviction.

Our criminal defense lawyer in Madison, Georgia & serving all of Morgan County, Michael Fulcher served as an Assistant District Attorney for 8 years, and has a great insight into every aspect of a criminal case – including how the “other side” operates. As your Georgia criminal defense attorney, Michael has the skills and training to help you protect your rights.

Practice Areas

Over the last fifteen years, our criminal attorney, Michael Fulcher, proudly serving all of Morgan County, Georgia has effectively and compassionately represented clients charged with the following offenses:

If you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor criminal offense in the middle Georgia area, contact Michael Fulcher Law today for a free consultation and case assessment.

Identifying a Strategy for your Criminal Case

A former prosecutor knows how a case can be pulled apart by the other side. In any criminal trial, the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor – they must prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. The ability to open the door to doubt is what a great defense lawyer brings into the courtroom. Are the witnesses trustworthy? How likely are they to testify? Does the prosecutor have all the evidence they need to prove their case? Were any mistakes made in how the evidence was handled prior to trial? These are some of the questions an experienced attorney will seek to answer in determining a client’s best course of action.

Before becoming a criminal defense lawyer in Morgan County, Michael Fulcher effectively prosecuted all types of felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses including, but not limited to, Drug Trafficking, Drug Sales & Distribution, Simple Possession, Armed Robbery, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Forgery, Identity Theft, Shoplifting, Family Violence Battery, Vehicular Homicide, DUI, BUI, Driving with Suspended License and Speeding offenses.

Over the past 15 years, our Georgia criminal defense attorney Michael Fulcher has conducted dozens of felony & misdemeanor trials. He knows what weaknesses to look for in a prosecutor’s case and the burden the State must meet to get a conviction. He can use that knowledge to his client’s advantage when negotiating a plea or defending a case at trial. We serve Morgan, Greene, Putnam, Jasper, Taliaferro and Newton counties.

When it’s your future and your liberty that is at stake, you want to have every advantage available when you walk into that courtroom.

Why Michael Fulcher Will Make a Difference

At Michael Fulcher Law, we firmly believe that a strong defense begins the moment a potential client faces criminal charges. This is why we offer complimentary case evaluations. While many reputable criminal defense firms provide a free initial consultation, they often assign case managers or administrators, not the actual attorneys who will handle the case. Our approach is distinct.

Our Georgia Criminal Attorneys approach cases differently. We ensure that a seasoned, licensed Attorney specialized in criminal defense is involved at every stage. No inexperienced individuals handle your case. When you engage with us, you are matched with a dedicated Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer who collaborates with you and offers regular updates.

We directly engage with clients throughout each phase of the criminal case. Our strategy combines trial skills, negotiation tactics, and an intimate understanding of the local community to combat potential criminal convictions in Georgia. Our reputation as Georgia’s best criminal lawyers is a testament to our hard work and dedication.

To better comprehend your goals, we prioritize understanding your key objectives. Whether it’s avoiding jail time, maintaining a clean record, swift case resolution, or minimizing fines, our criminal attorneys tailor defense strategies to your preferences. By ranking these priorities, we chart the best defense path for your case.


Facing legal challenges, whether it’s a DUI, criminal charge, or navigating traffic-related offenses, requires a skilled advocate. Turn to Michael Fulcher Law for a blend of legal expertise and unwavering client service from a former Georgia prosecutor. Discover the optimal legal solution for your situation by calling our criminal defense law firm at (706) 438-1555 or reaching out online. Schedule your free consultation today and gain a clearer path forward.

What Are Your Rights When Charged with a Crime in Georgia?

The main difference between a misdemeanor and a felony is the severity of the crime. Less serious or minor offenses are classified as misdemeanors. Some examples include public intoxication, public indecency, littering, speeding, trespassing, and petty theft. Misdemeanors are non-violent crimes and are a type of mistake that anyone can make. The maximum penalty for a misdemeanor conviction in Georgia is a $1,000 fine and up to 12 months in jail. However, a conviction for a misdemeanor will remain on your record. Since it is not a conviction for a less severe crime, it does not have the effects that a felony conviction has. It can still affect obtaining employment or a loss of your driving privileges.

Georgia also has a category called high and aggravated misdemeanors. A conviction of this nature comes with a fine of up to $5,000 but the maximum jail period is still one year. The battery of a family member of an elderly person is an example of a misdemeanor of a high or aggravated nature.

Even though misdemeanors are less serious crimes, it does not mean you don’t need experienced representation! They can still affect your future, and it is better to be safe than sorry. Our Georgia Criminal Attorneys understand the affects a conviction will have on your future and are here to help.

On the other side, felonies are considered the most serious crimes. They are a crime that causes severe harm or damage to another person or property. Felonies generally include violence but do not have to. Some examples of felonies include robbery, rape, murder, kidnapping, possession of over one ounce of marijuana, and certain repeat DUI charges. The punishment for a felony conviction is usually years in prison along with a hefty fine. As described before, a felony conviction has substantial effects on your criminal record. It makes it difficult to obtain credit, housing, or employment with a felony conviction on your record. The consequences of a felony are far-reaching and long lasting.

Not all felonies or misdemeanors require mandatory prison sentences. Based on the crime and particular case the judge may choose to sentence you to probation instead of incarceration. If probation is issued, there will be certain conditions you must follow in order to satisfy your probation, and a violation of one of those conditions could put you back in prison.

What is the Difference Between a Misdemeanor and a Felony?

The distinction between a misdemeanor and felony lies in the gravity of the offense. Misdemeanors encompass minor transgressions like public intoxication, speeding, or petty theft. Despite being non-violent, they can still affect your future. Our dedicated team, led by Michael Fulcher, comprehends the implications and offers adept representation.

High and aggravated misdemeanors, such as battery of an elderly person, carry fines up to $5,000 and a maximum one-year jail term.

Felonies are grave crimes causing significant harm. Examples include robbery, murder, or certain repeat DUI charges. Convictions result in imprisonment and hefty fines. Felonies impact your record, making credit, housing, and employment acquisition challenging. Our skilled Georgia Criminal Attorneys recognize the life-altering consequences and provide strategic defense.

While not all crimes mandate prison, probation is possible. Judges may opt for probation, which demands adherence to specific conditions. A breach could lead to incarceration. Trust our team to navigate these intricacies and secure the best outcome for your case.

What Are My Chances of Winning My Case if We Go to Trial?

It’s a common concern: the potential outcome of your trial. The answer is multifaceted, as several critical elements shape your chances:


Trials revolve around evidence. The court scrutinizes the strength and credibility of presented proof. Whether it’s witness testimonies, DNA tests, expert analyses, or multimedia content, the quality of evidence greatly influences the case.

Legitimacy of Evidence

The legality of evidence collection is paramount. Illegally obtained evidence holds no weight in court. Understanding the nuances of evidence admissibility is a cornerstone of building a strong defense.

Criminal Record

Your prior criminal history can sway the court’s judgment. A first-time offense might result in a milder sentence, whereas repeat offenses could lead to more severe penalties. This background context significantly shapes the case’s direction.

Prosecutor and Judge Dynamics

The individuals overseeing your case—prosecutors and judges—vary in their dispositions and tendencies. Navigating this terrain requires insight into their preferences and approaches. With a deep understanding of Georgia’s legal landscape, Michael Fulcher Law ensures your defense strategy aligns with local practices.

Your Attorney’s Expertise

Among the most crucial factors is your legal representation. The competence and comfort of your attorney with trial proceedings are pivotal. A proficient trial attorney like Michael Fulcher possesses the necessary skills to craft effective trial strategies, negotiate adeptly, and advocate vigorously for your rights.

As you seek answers, remember that Michael Fulcher Law places a strong emphasis on thorough trial preparation and effective negotiation tactics. We are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for your case, armed with a deep understanding of the law and a commitment to justice.


“Mr. Fulcher has been tremendously helpful with my case. Since hiring him he has consistently returned my calls as quickly as he can. We discussed an ideal outcome, and I set about doing exactly as he said. Following his advice we were able to get a very favorable outcome. He is always quick to answer any questions, and has stayed very engaged with me throughout this ordeal. Michael provides excellent counsel, and I would recommend him to anyone!”