Criminal Defense Lawyer in
Madison County, Georgia

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Morgan County

A prosecuting attorney learns certain specific skills, and much of their time is spent developing cases and taking them to trial. There is nothing more valuable than trial experience and an inside knowledge of how a prosecutor develops a case to pursue a conviction. Our criminal defense lawyer in Morgan County, Michael

Fulcher served as an Assistant District Attorney for 8 years, and has a great insight into every aspect of a criminal case – including how the “other side” operates. As your Georgia criminal defense attorney, Michael has the skills and training to help you protect your rights.

Identifying a Criminal Defense Strategy for your Case

A former prosecutor knows how a case can be pulled apart by the other side. In any criminal trial, the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor – they must prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. The ability to open the door to doubt is what a great defense lawyer brings into the courtroom. Are the witnesses trustworthy? How likely are they to testify? Does the prosecutor have all the evidence they need to prove their case? Were any mistakes made in how the evidence was handled prior to trial? These are some of the questions an experienced attorney will seek to answer in determining a client’s best course of action.

Before becoming a criminal defense lawyer in Morgan County, Michael Fulcher effectively prosecuted all types of felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses including, but not limited to, Drug Trafficking, Drug Sales & Distribution, Simple Possession, Armed Robbery, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Forgery, Identity Theft, Shoplifting, Family Violence Battery, Vehicular Homicide, DUI, BUI, Driving with Suspended License and Speeding offenses.

Over the past 15 years, our Georgia criminal defense attorney Michael Fulcher has conducted dozens of felony & misdemeanor trials. He knows what weaknesses to look for in a prosecutor’s case and the burden the State must meet to get a conviction. He can use that knowledge to his client’s advantage when negotiating a plea or defending a case at trial. We serve Morgan, Greene, Putnam, Jasper, Taliaferro and Newton counties.

When it’s your future and your liberty that is at stake, you want to have every advantage available when you walk into that courtroom.


When you need a lawyer after being charged with a DUI or criminal offense or as you explore your options for filing a personal injury claim, look no further than Michael Fulcher Law’s impressive background, and ultra-attentive client service. To learn more about how we can help you achieve the best legal solution possible for your circumstances, call our criminal defense law firm at (706) 438-1555 or contact us online, and schedule your free consultation today.


“Mr. Fulcher has been tremendously helpful with my case. Since hiring him he has consistently returned my calls as quickly as he can. We discussed an ideal outcome, and I set about doing exactly as he said. Following his advice we were able to get a very favorable outcome. He is always quick to answer any questions, and has stayed very engaged with me throughout this ordeal. Michael provides excellent counsel, and I would recommend him to anyone!”