Morgan County Traffic Violation Attorney FAQ

Why should you fight a traffic ticket?

You should fight your traffic ticket to avoid increases in your insurance liability. Often after a ticket conviction, insurance tends to increase. This can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over time. By hiring a Morgan County Traffic Violation Attorney, a driver can protect their records and avoid unnecessary costs.

Can’t I just plead “NOLO” in Georgia?

In contrast to popular belief, a “Nolo Contendere” plea does not prevent your ticket from appearing on your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR). Anyone who searches your MVR will be able to see a record of your conviction. As long as you have not received similar tickets in the past five years, a Nolo Contendere will save you the points associated with the charge. It is important to note that driving points are not insurance points. A record can be exposed to your insurance company at any time. Typically, a Nolo Contendre plea will not help a commercial driver, out of state driver, or Georgia driver under 21 years old. Consult your Morgan County Traffic Violation Attorney to see if a “Nolo” plea is right for you.

How does the point system work in Georgia?

In Georgia, we have a “point system” that is usually permanent to a driver’s record after a driving offense or traffic ticket conviction.

The points vary based on the cited offenses and the driver’s age and usually, are given by the driver’s insurance company. The more points you have, the higher the premium.

Another factor for a driver’s license points is age. Certain offenses will automatically suspend a young driver’s license. That’s why it is crucial to contact your Morgan County Traffic Violation Attorney if you are under 21 years old.

Morgan County Traffic Violation Attorney

source: Georgia Gov

Will my driver’s license be suspended if I accumulate too many points on my driving record?

If a driver has received too many tickets or driving infractions, it is possible for them to lose their license or even be charged with a crime. In Morgan County, Georgia, a license will be suspended if a driver accumulates 15 points during any period of 2 years.

If the driver decides to continue driving regardless of their points, they can receive a charge for Driving While License Suspended, which can lead to time in jail.

It is important to know that the laws change when a driver is 21 or younger. Georgia’s point system is more restrictive in this case and it is recommended to hire a Morgan County Traffic Violation Attorney.

How can a driver reduce their driver’s license points in Morgan County?

A driver can reduce up to 7 points of their driving records once every 5 years. However, to qualify, the driver must have completed a certified Driver Improvement (defensive driving) course.

How can a lawyer dismiss a Morgan County traffic violation?

Lawyers are trained in the law, the rules of evidence and courtroom procedure. We can identify and raise mistakes made by the police officer, defenses against your violation and mitigating circumstances that can greatly improve the outcome of your case. The majority of the time, the cases we handle result in reductions or amendments to your violation; and sometimes even outright dismissals. Practically speaking, as lawyers, we can use our negotiation skills to work out a deal with the prosecutor or solicitor that is handling the case. Other times, when it is warranted based on the facts and circumstances of the case, we can contest the ticket by taking the case to trial and requiring the State to prove the case against you.

I don’t live in Georgia, will my state find out about a Georgia traffic ticket?

If you live in California and receive a ticket in Georgia and decide to do nothing about paying the ticket or appearing in court as per the instructions on the ticket, eventually your driver’s license will be suspended. This applies to the majority of states. If you get a ticket in Georgia and want to know for certain whether this will be reported to your state please contact the DMV in your state.

What are the penalties for being ticketed in Georgia?

If you’re pulled over in Georgia, received a ticket from the police and have been caught speeding or another violation, the fine may be as high at $1,000.00. You could also face additional fines such as the super Speeder Fine which is an extra $200 dollars; license suspension/revocation, probation and even jail time.

How can a Morgan County Traffic Violation Attorney help me with a traffic violation?

You may have more at stake than just paying a fine if you’re issued a ticket in Morgan County. An experienced traffic violation attorney can assess the situation, explain your options and advocate for better results.  This can save you time and money in the long run.  Contact our traffic ticket attorneys in Georgia for a free consultation or call (706) 438-1555