How our Madison financial crime attorney can help your case.

Our Madison Financial Crime Attorney

The Madison County financial crime attorneys at Michael Fulcher Law have the knowledge and experience to defend you against financial crime charges. The firm is led by criminal defense attorney Michael Fulcher, a former Assistant District Attorney for the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit who handled hundreds of felonies and misdemeanors in Superior Court before entering private practice as a criminal defense lawyer. Before entering the legal profession, he earned a Master of Business Administration and worked in the IT field in both the private and public sectors, giving him a unique perspective on, and understanding of, the business world and financial crimes. Our Madison County financial crime lawyers have experience handling all types of financial crime cases. We stand ready to fight on your behalf.

Experienced legal representation for all types of financial crimes

If you suspect that you or your company may be under investigation for any type of financial crime, you should contact an experienced Madison County financial crime lawyer immediately. Financial crimes are often complex and involve lengthy investigations before charges are brought against a person or company. This gives the government plenty of time to build a strong case against anyone they suspect is involved. The sooner you have skilled legal representation on your side, the better the outcome may be for you.

Criminal investigations into financial crimes and fraud are not pretty. They can be a lengthy process that involves:

  • You being interviewed by investigators from the police and prosecutor’s office
  • You being required to hand over documents or information pertaining to your personal finances and business dealings
  • Investigators searching your home and offices
  • The seizure and extensive search of property from your home or offices, including electronic devices such as telephones, computers, etc. used for personal and / or business purposes
  • Your personal property and / or company assets being frozen during the investigation
  • You being charged with a criminal offense and facing prosecution
  • You facing prosecution in state or federal court
  • Potentially lengthy prison time if convicted, as well as the loss of your assets, significant fines and restitution, the destruction of your personal and professional reputations, etc.

It is critical that you have the right legal team by your side. The knowledgeable Georgia financial crime lawyers at Michael Fulcher Law provide a comprehensive, strategic defense by reviewing all relevant financial documents and protecting your rights during any current or pending investigations.

Contact us and ask for our financial fraud attorney in Madison County, Georgia

Having an experienced financial crime lawyer in Madison County, Georgia on your side can mean the difference between spending years in prison and losing everything you have worked for in your life, or clearing your name. If you suspect that you or your company may be under investigation for any type of financial crime in Georgia, contact Michael Fulcher Law immediately. Call us today at (706) 438-1555 or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation with our financial fraud attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial crime is a term that refers to a broad range of typically white-collar crimes involving finance, and fraud. The penalty for each depends on the specific criminal charge as well as the amount of money or assets involved. If you or a loved one is convicted of a financial crime, the prison sentence can reach 20 years, and beyond, depending on the specific charges, and circumstances. In addition to prison time, defendants may also face substantial fines, be ordered to pay costly restitution, lose their professional license(s), and have to serve lengthy probation.

A financial crime is typically a nonviolent offense that involves the theft of money or other property by a person or entity in a position of trust. Anyone can commit a financial crime, including an individual, a professional, a business or corporation, or a government official. Financial crimes are usually perpetrated through some type of deceit, such as the abuse of a position of trust. Some examples of financial crimes include embezzlement, forgery, fraud (such as credit card or debit card fraud, identity theft, insurance fraud, securities fraud, etc.), money laundering, and tax evasion.

Depending on the circumstances, a financial crime may be a state or federal offense. Financial crimes may also involve other criminal acts, such as computer crime, elder abuse, or even violent crimes like robbery or murder.

A financial crime lawyer defends people or companies that are facing accusations of involvement in any type of financial crime. Financial crime lawyers advise on cases involving bribery, corruption, fraud, market manipulation, money laundering, systems, and controls failures, etc.