Georgia Blood Alcohol Content Calculator

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This DUI tool helps you understand the potential legal implications of your blood alcohol level following having a few drinks, empowering you to make informed decisions. Explore this feature to gain insight into your situation and take proactive steps to protect your rights and avoid a drinking and driving-related charge.

How many drinks does it take to reach .08 Blood Alcohol Content?

Your blood alcohol content depends on five main factors:

  • How much alcohol you drink
  • The time between drinks
  • Your weight
  • The amount of food you eat before or while drinking alcohol
  • Your gender
  • BAC is not affected by the type of drink or how well you “hold your liquor.”

It is extremely difficult to judge your BAC, which is why it is best to avoid drinking and driving completely.

As a guideline, one drink consumed at normal speed equates to between .02 and .04 BAC depending on body weight and other factors.

Blood Alcohol Calculator (BAC) for Georgia

Each of the following represents a single standard sized drink:

12 FL OZ of Regular Beer
8-9 FL OZ of Malt Liquor
5 FL OZ of Wine
3-4 FL OZ of Fortified Wine (Such as a Port or Sherry)
2-3 FL OZ of Cordial Liqueur
1.5 FL OZ of Brandy or Cognac
1.5 FL OZ of Distilled Spirits (Average 80 Proof)


Weight (In Lbs):

Number of standard drinks:

Amount of time elapsed (In Hours): hours

BAC Calculator Disclaimer

A person’s exact Blood Alcohol Content depends on a variety of complex factors. While the above factors are the most apparent, emotional, physical, and overall health can play a role as well, in addition to the consumption of other drugs (prescription or otherwise). It is unrealistic for an online blood alcohol content calculator or chart to be 100% accurate. The information provided above is merely an estimate and should not be used to make decisions about drinking or driving.
If you are ever unsure of your ability to pass a breathalyzer test, do not depend on a BAC calculator. Call an Uber or taxi or even phone a friend. Regardless of how expensive the ride home is, it will always be less expensive than driving under the influence and getting charged.