Speeding Ticket in Middle Georgia?

Best Choice for Representation

Mr. Fulcher is an outstanding attorney. He helped me out with a traffic ticket. He was extremely knowledgeable. He cared about my case and worked very hard to make sure I received the best possible outcome. Never once did I feel that my case was unimportant and he would make sure I was always up to date on my case. Highly recommend. – C.S.

Out of State Commercial Driver

Mr.Fulcher handled my case professionally. I’m an out of state resident, and did not have to appear in court. I was highly satisfied with the results. To anyone who has a CDL, don’t hesitate to hire him. A flat fee with no strings attached. Thanks again Mr. Fulcher. – C.G.

Michael Fulcher

Michael was a Greene County traffic court prosecutor for eight years and handled thousands of speeding tickets and other traffic citations. He has the experience you need to fight your middle Georgia Speeding Ticket or to get you the best possible resolution without spending all day in traffic court.

Points on your Driver’s License can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in increased car insurance premiums if you are assessed too many points on your license.

Georgia Super Speeder penalties can cost you hundreds more in additional fines, unless you get your speed reduced in court. An experienced speeding ticket lawyer can help you get a speed reduction, a reduction in charges, or even a dismissal.

Michael Fulcher Law handles speeding tickets and other traffic citations in the following counties: Morgan, Greene, Putnam, Taliaferro, Jasper, Walton, Newton, and Oconee. We have offices in Madison and Monroe, Ga.

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