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What happens if you are visiting Georgia and get a speeding ticket? How will it affect your license back home? An experienced GA traffic ticket attorney can answer these questions and help you determine if you need to hire a lawyer or if you can handle this yourself.
Any kind of car accident can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience. You, or a loved one, may have been seriously injured. Your car or truck may be totaled. You immediately begin worrying about a thousand things – repair costs, medical bills, missing work, insurance rates, and so on. It is very hard for anyone […]
Distracted driving and cell phone use while driving leads to over 1 ½ Million accidents each year. The National Highway Safety Council estimates that 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the U.S. is caused by texting and driving, with over 300,000 injuries every year. Every time you look at your phone you’re not […]
After a stressful and potentially life-threatening auto accident, it is easy to act without thinking or take seemingly minor actions that can actually hurt your chances to obtain full compensation for your injury and losses. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:
There are literally hundreds of ways to violate Georgia Traffic Laws and end up with an expensive ticket to a local courthouse. Some of these, such as speeding, are obvious violations. However, there are a growing number of somewhat obscure regulations and provisions that you may violate if you aren’t aware of our constantly changing […]